"ESTINA is a design office specializing in
gardens, exterior areas, outdoors and landscapes."

We uniquely propose custom-made plans, mainly consisting of hand-drawn drawings, and CAD data.
To date, we have worked on over 5,000 properties across Japan. In addition, we have connections with partner companies all over Japan and have also performed construction.

We have made proposals for a variety of projects ranging from gardens and exteriors of private residences and apartment complexes, stores and commercial properties, to landscapes such as condominium developments.

If you would like to create a stylish garden or exterior in a newly built house in Japan, or if you would like to renovate a garden,please feel free to contact us as specialists in the field. We can handle all aspects from design to construction (construction cannot be performed in some areas).

If you are a business operator in Japan or another country or an individual residing in another country, please feel free to contact us first.
We will endeavor to deliver our "Japanese-made designs" in accordance with your desires.

"Our Vision"

ESTINA aims to contribute to environmental conservation through garden construction.

When accumulated, even just a few trees and flowers planted in a private garden can change a city, a region, a country, and the world.

We believe that greenery can enrich people's hearts and lead to a better life for everyone.